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REYNOLDS This means "Son of Reynold", a personal name derived through the Old French Reynaud from the Old German Raginald "Council Might". Early records mention John Reynold of Cambridge in 1273, William Reynold in Essex in 1299 and John Reynold in Cambridgeshire in 1327.
The motto for Reynolds is "I will defend my right".

This section will be devoted to the family; past and present. Anyone who knows anything about this family name, please email Capt'n John so that it may be included here. Also, a list of known telephone numbers for surviving members.

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This section will have stuff about electronics and in particular TSL activities. Also to come, a dazzling circuit to overcome Gatso cameras (at least at night!).
Also to come, Capt'n John's scribblings for designing high-speed circuits and hints on PCB layout.
Also some recipes that my colleagues want to try out. This has nothing to do with TSL whatsoever, so why did I put that here?

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This is the name of my company dedicated exclusively to my contracting activities: I regard myself as a sort of Technical Prostitute.If you wish to be my technical pimp, then my C.V. will be made available to bona-fide employment agencies, by filling in a form RTP (Request To Pimp). I can have as many forms for you to fill in as you would feel at home in; just like those large corporates. (Meetings, team briefings, etc. are extra!)
I am compiling a list or chart of agents and their performance in terms of finding work quickly and efficiently and paying your salary or invoice on the agreed due dates. Please contribute. There will be a(nother) form. Oh no!

Capt'n John's Log Book
Date Departure Time Arrival Time P1 P2 Day Night Aircraft Registration Pilot in Command Comments
13/03/97 EGGW 22:41Z EDDK 00:12Z+ _ 01:31 _ 01:31 BAe 146-300 G-BTHT Hutton bloody windy
14/03/97 EDDK 00:42Z EGGW 02:53Z _ 02:11 _ 02:11 BAe 146-300 G-BTHT Hutton wind calmer
20/03/97 EGGW 22:17Z EDDK 23:33Z 01:16 _ _ 01:16 BAe 146-300 G-BSUY Self bloody windy - the clouds were going faster than we were
21/03/97 EDDK 00:28Z EGGW 02:04Z 01:32 _ _ 01:32 BAe 146-300 G-BSUY Self bloody windy
Totals 7205:11 7944:53 4387:16 10762:48

The views expressed in the "Comments" section of the log-book are not necessarily those that the CAA will see! (Ed.)

A BAe 146-200

BAe 146-200

A BAe 146-100

BAe 146-100

Other notable flying occasions:

  • 14th June 1995 - Flew B777 (WA8) en-route Washington, Dulles to Chicago, O'Hare
  • 30th May 1995 - One-and-a-half hours on B777 simulator at Boeing. Oh, and Ted Dexter asked to be remembered here - he operated the landing gear switch. (And a wonderful job he did, too!!)
  • 3rd October 1987 - Mountain flying training from an ex-Vietnam bomber pilot. We practised mainly over Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's shack near Aspen, Colorado.
  • 11th June 1977 - Tried and failed at the mile-high-club. It's a Nautical Mile not a Statute Mile. 6080' not 5280'. Oh dear.
  • 20th April 1975 - Landed light aircraft on M1 (whoops!)

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